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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Cherry Springs, Fredericksburg, Texas, USA

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Cherry Springs, Fredericksburg, Texas, USA
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Registered: December 2010
City/Town/Province: Austin
Posts: 1
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Apprentice Ecologist Initiative Scholarship

I have always wanted to preserve the natural beauty of my community from the destruction of the earth. I want to keep it clean and beautiful for others to enjoy. If this generation does not take care of the Earth, then what will our children and grandchildren see the Earth as, a dump? I hope not, someone once told me that we do not inherit the Earth from our grandparents and parents, but we borrow it from our grandchildren. Thinking about this, it makes sense, what our grandparents and parents have done to this Earth may not impact us as much as it may impact our children or grandchildren. Once we realize the impact that the generations before us have had on the Earth we can do our part to make sure that we leave the Earth better than when we got it.

I chose to do my project to keep the community breathing and clean from litter and trash that people just throw out of their vehicles on their way through this beautiful hill country. My project took place in the Hill Country of Texas in the Cherry Springs community. I was able to clean up a lot of trash that was left behind from the many tourist groups that love to travel though this area. In this community there are not as many young people to clean up all of the left overs from the tourists so it is harder for the community to clean up after these trips. I was able to clean up the trash and keep the natural habitat growing. If someone would not clean up these broken bottles and plastic the Earth would not be able to breathe as well and the livestock on people’s farms will end up getting sick because they think that it is a snack and this would harm their digestive system. By cleaning up all of this trash the Earth is not littered and the water systems stay clean so people can stay healthy and hydrated.

It is very important to keep this community clean and thriving because this is where many people want to go to take a vacation away from the city or to just enjoy the scenery that is presented in this area. This community is also very important to keep thriving because it leads into the lakes and rivers around the hill country.

By keeping this community clean I am helping the Earth by keeping the lakes and rivers cleaner which will eventually lead into the oceans. The oceans are also becoming more filled due to human destruction. The trash that I can clean up will not go into the ocean and it will not harm the endangered animals there.

My Apprentice Ecologist Project has helped enrich my life by teaching me how important it is to keep my community clean and eco-friendly. I am able to see how it will impact other communities if this community does not stay clean and Earth friendly. If this community were to end up just being trashed and unclean then all of the trash would end up polluting the rest of the world through the rivers and lakes.

I plan to keep helping my community by cleaning up trash and protecting the earth from the trash that people leave behind. I have now seen how the effort that I can put in though my community can help lead to bigger and more improvements with the Earth.
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