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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Haramaya University, Haramay, Ethiopia

Haramaya University, Haramay, Ethiopia
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Registered: October 2008
City/Town/Province: Addis Ababa
Posts: 3
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We are the change makers as we consider ourselves while we strive to move forward. The Haramaya University Environmental Protection and Development club has celebrated the world’s environment day with the great environmental stewardship effort and conservation practices.
Before the ceremony started, we have prepared some activities to be conducted in the event and let many of the university students to participate in the program. The program should had to include activities to preserve our environment and see the green beauty every where.
Haramaya university in its effort to fulfill its environmental stewardship it had supported our club and some of us who have been running the club to get more in to the environment and work harder.
For the world environment day, we have planned to create awareness among the university students and the campus community. Tree planting and trash cleaning campaigns were organized with this year’s world environment day motto ‘unite to combat climate change’
We prepared t-shirts printed with our club’s motto let us change our environment and at the back of it we printed unite to combat climate change. Those participants in the campaign received those t-shirts and they participate in the tree planting and the trash cleaning campaigns. In the day of the ceremony we invited many high ranked officials of the university and some of the highly influential peoples in the school who have made a great contribution for the gardening projects of the school and the forestry area. Those peoples helped us on planning the planting site and the wholes to be prepared for putting the seedlings in.
After completing all the necessary preparation for the planting we sat up a field concert to be held in the planting area and we had to transport some sound devices and tools for the program. In the program invited gusts were ready to make short speech and the local coffee ceremony was held by female members of the club. We took about nine hundred and forty-five tree seedlings some native and some not. We had a colorful ceremony with all the coordination and with the green printed white t-shirts; every one holding seedlings with there hands and we invade the bare land found behind the school farm land then we filled it the seedlings. Since the weather was dry in that day we watered all the planted seedlings with tanker water transported from our school.

The gusts made speech about the world’s environment day and how the current environmental change affects the world’s economy and almost the world’s everything. Then we prepared a short quiz for all the participants in the campaigns and the winners took two extra seedlings to plant during the program and received the Haramaya University Environmental Protection and Development club t- shirts as a prize. The participants were amazed at our gift that we gave them only two seedlings as a prize winner and since the winners were happy to plant those seedlings during the program. The coffee ceremony during the field program and the concert was cool!

After watering the later seedlings and giving thanks to all the participants and invited gusts we closed our field concert and the coffee program, we packed all our staffs and return from the field in the Mid-day.
This was this year’s last activity of the Haramaya University environmental protection and development club. I have been working as a V. President for the club for the past one year and my service life is over now, other colleagues are chosen for the next one year to help the club run well. I will keep supporting the club as an active member for the coming one year until my graduation and will contribute to see the green beauty everywhere.

Abraham Tesfaw,
Haramaya University,
Date: August 10, 2009 Views: 8460 File size: 44.4kb, 361.3kb : 1500 x 1125
Hours Volunteered: 750
Volunteers: 250
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 18 to 22
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 7
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 375
Native Trees Planted: 542
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