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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India
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Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India
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Registered: February 2009
City/Town/Province: Pondicherry
Posts: 4
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Singarathope is the study areas located in near coastal area suburban of Cuddalore town with 900 households are inhabitants. Primary occupation is fisheries and its allied business. The program aim was to create awareness and action oriented program on solid waste management with special reference to microbial composting and vermicomposting in order to manage household waste and protect local environment in terms of garbage free village, by involving local NGOs/CBOs, and School children. To create awareness on solid waste management (SWM) various programs were conducted such as continuous education on solid waste management and its impacts on human health surrounding environments to the local CBOs and people by closely involving school children, focus group discussions were conducted for selected people and CBOs , various public meetings for composting and vermicomposting demonstration, house to house campaigns with school children, mass cleaning of study area, and printed materials distribution. After continuous awareness programs two hundred households with nine women group each contain 20 members were joined with community based waste management program. Through the community based waste management program the women groups were started earning money from the community compost unit. The Cuddalore municipality showed their interesting to assist financial support to the community level solid waste management in Singarathope area in connection with this program local women groups has started water quality monitoring and its control, and health and sanitation programs in the same area.
Date: March 12, 2009 Views: 9735 File size: 25.4kb, 300.8kb : 1152 x 864
Hours Volunteered: 40
Volunteers: 40
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 20 to 45
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 5
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 4000
Native Trees Planted: 30
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