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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - "The Quiet Walkway", Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, USA

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"The Quiet Walkway", Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, USA
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Registered: November 2008
City/Town/Province: Maryville
Posts: 1
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Make a Difference Day is a national day devoted solely to helping others. The way that my group and I made a difference was by helping to build stairs on a trail called “The Quiet Walkway” in the mountains. The actual planning of our “Make a Difference Day” project began about a month before we anticipated following through with the project. My friend and I decided that we would ask our teammates at football practice about helping with our project. We told them that we would place a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board of our locker room. Inside the locker room I talked to my teammates about how beautiful the mountains were and how much fun it would be to help build steps for the trails. My friend and I than went to all of the players and asked them if they were planning on signing up. At the end of the week, we successfully gathered a group of eleven players who could help us “make a difference”. One predicament we encountered was that the ACT Testing date was on the same day as our project. After much discussion, my friend and I decided to have some people depart for the mountains earlier, and another group take a large van and arrive later. With two large vehicles, between my friend and I, we could have easily taken up to fifteen people. However, due to family problems, four of our fellow teammates could not participate in the project with us. Now only people taking the ACT were heading up to the mountains and only one vehicle was necessary. Immediately after the ACT was finished, we gathered our group of seven people, ate a quick lunch, and than headed to the mountains. Once there, we each grabbed our gloves, shovels, axes, and fire rakes and headed down the trail known as “The Quiet Walkway”. We walked down the trail until we reached sudden drop that needed a step. With two people digging, two people cutting a log, two people gathering rocks, and one person gathering dirt we went to work on creating a step. After the hole was complete, we lifted the log and placed it in the hole. We then placed large and small rocks behind the log to serve as support and as more places for the person walking the trail to step. After we filled the area around the log and rocks with dirt, we repeated the whole process further down the trail two more times. Once finished, we headed back up the trail noticing the tall, beautiful trees and lush vegetation on the sides of the trails. On the way back everyone talked of how much fun it was to help and how they would like to help again. It is important that all people become involved with maintaining our environment because if no one takes care of the environment it will slowly deteriorate, which can also reduce many natural resources. I believe that small ideas can yield tremendous outcomes. I believe the three stairs that were built on “The Quiet Walkway” will turn into an innumerable number of stairs in the future.
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Hours Volunteered: 12
Volunteers: 9
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 17 & 17 to 50
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 0.2
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