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My interest in applying for employment at UO is related to my education studies in the aspect of biology, cell and molecular biology. I am interested in studying the effect of glucose, inflammatory process, cytokines on receptors regulations, such as receptor tyrosine kinase, secondary messenger regulation, G protein coupled receptors. Upon reviewing my credentials with university of maryland baltimore county, I took cell biology, molecular biology, plant biology courses and labs in cellular biology, molecular genetics, animal physiology. My degree and education was directed toward studying cellular mechanisms, gene regulation, physiology of cells, organ systems and striated, cardiac muscles, pathways of secondary gene regulations, transcription factors. My research lab was on neurobiology, neurulation process physiology and abnormalities related to gene defects and nutritional deficiencies. Electron microscope, dark field microscope was used to study zebrafish, modeled organisms in observation of neurulation processes. While doing genetics lab, I was taught laws of inheritance, measuring recombination frequencies, gene mapping, gel electrophoresis, using electrodes to isolate proteins due to molecular weight, physiological properties such as hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity. My research study will understand the mechanism in which elevated glycosylated hemoglobin or glucose in the blood results in increased oxidative stress. Effect of excess sulfur dioxide, commonly used as a preservative in canned food and beverages such as wine in reducing oxidants such as oxygen radicals; comparing effect of sulfur dioxide to sulfur containing antibiotics such as sulfamethoxazone on inducing oxidative damage in normal mice to g6pd deficient mice. My knowledge, understanding in cell biology, biological processes improved since studying medical sciences at Ross University School of medicine. I studied medical sciences at carribean, international medical schools, volunteered at local hospitals while doing undergraduate education at University of Maryland and graduate courses at Ross University and Saint James School of medicine. Detailed information of my experience are mentioned in my resume or in the statement that is being read. In an effort to get myself familiar with the clinical and academic part of medical sciences, I completed a clinical rotation with Dr. Daniel Hanley, a professor of neurology and the director of brain injury outcome center at John Hopkins University in Baltimore. The concept of acute traumatic injury, stroke, ischemic, hemorrhagic types, shear stress, management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension in a poverty ridden neighborhood of Baltimore city, downtown was challenged on a daily basis by patients who knew little about their health, cared less about taking their medications, showing at the hospital with uncontrolled emergency high blood pressure to be referred to the emergency room to take samples of medications since patients forget or never had access to healthcare benefits or providers. . I then completed 2 other electives in the department of gastroenterology at John Hopkins University and department of pulmonary medicine at Union Memorial Hospital. The concept of physician-patient interaction were practiced, team work and interaction with different M D specialties, anaesthesiologists, other medical professions, allied health, nurses and lab scientists were essential for providing health services to patients or clients who are in regular visitations for primary care doctors or at critical care unit due to chronic conditions, acute traumatic conditions, ischemic events, terminal illnesses. Since graduating from umbc, I attended Ross University School of Medicine in the Carribean Island of Dominica. I studied from 2011 to

2014; I successfully completed 3 semesters of intensive basic science coursework, including clinical rotations, introduction to clinical sciences program and diagnosis, doctor patient relationship, extracurricular activities to include visitations to orphanages, local social clubs and patient's home visits for chronic disease management such as diabetics, hypertensives and chronic kidney diseases, terminal illnesses of cancers. I studied basic sciences extensively, made notes on subjects, successfully passed tests and curriculum requirements. Curriculum offered via Ross University was organ based system, lectures were offered for recording online to be viewed via mediasite. In 2014, I decided to go to another Carribean Medical school, Saint James School of Medicine, I did basic science coursework with this school, 5 semesters of coursework, including anatomy, histology, genetics, embryology, biochemistry. Research in health and medicine, pathology, clinical diagnosis,etc. Curriculum offered via the school is subject based curriculum. During my time at SJSM, I was a member of AMSA, chairman of infectious disease at SJSM SVG chapter, where HIV transmission/infection ratio per capita is considered very high. While studying basic science courses, I was supervised by Dr. Rana Zeine, MD, who taught SJSM Pathology course, to do a clinical research on the effect of substances such as alcohol, other modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors on colorectal cancer incidence in the Carribean Population of Saint Vincent and the Grenadine. Clinical research primary focus was on collecting data, surveying people, abstract writing, hypothesis formation, writing reports, doing weekly meetings, coordinating with other team members since I was assigned to be a team leader for the research. Conclusions, methods of collecting data such as hospital visits, summary of research, presentations and conference participation were done for the research to be completed in a 16 months period. While I was at Saint James School of Medicine, I studied medical textbooks for each class assigned, did presentations for each class, completed assignments as required within a due time asked from instructors. I studied Becker review textbooks, kaplan medical textbooks, lecture notes, question banks, curriculum textbooks such as robbin and kumar, medical microbiology, bates pocket of clinical medicine, first aid of basic sciences, janquera for histology and many other books, lecture notes, online medical resources such as wikipedia, medical websites to clarify concepts, question banks such as USMLE easy, USMLEworld, histology at yale, youtube and online applications with apple to prepare for USMLE Step 1 licensing. At the end of the basic science program, I graduated with a GPA of 3.1. I did clinical rotations at Jackson Park Hospital where I was supervised by doctors at the hospital. An 8 week rotation in psychiatry, surgery and anesthesiology were completed in July,2016. Starting August,2018, I started working at V3 advertising company, I am a field representative for ASPCA, membership for rescuing, rehabilitation and adoption of animals, providing medical attention to pets in the Los Angeles area. In September,2018, I was a lab tech for a wine company, Ponte Winery, during the harvest season. I sampled accurately, ran analysis including PH reading, titratable acidity on samples selected and wines, used onefos for measurements of accuracy. I did lab preparation, solution preparation regularly. I am a tutor for biological sciences at Varsity tutors,grade potential tutoring; I tutor high school students, college students and graduate level biology,chemistry and

sciences. I am a master's student at Cal.State University, Fresno,studying biological sciences as a graduate student, supervised by Muller,PHD. In fall,2022, I transferred my coursework and credits into Cal. State University Channel Island, biotechnology program, I enrolled in 3 credits course in molecular biology only to withdraw from the course citing unrealistic course demand and requirements. I applied for nevada state corps as a teacher, substitute teacher role and was granted acceptance for the 2023 spring semester. Since last year, I decided to relocate to different regions in the world, traveled to the Middle East and have been trying to go to china, south korea as a teacher. I am applying for clinical lab scientist programs at different labs, schools in the state; I am a California department of public health laboratory field , clinical lab scientist trainee licensed starting September, 2018. I am working as a behavioral technician with behavioral health works and roman empire ABA services in Los Angeles and bay area, providing services to people affected by behavioral disorders including autism, asperger's disorder. I learnt to volunteer for the community via participating in social events such as blood drive, sponsored by vitalant and other organizations. I am a tutor for biological sciences at 3 different tutoring companies; varsity tutors, grade potential tutoring. I was self employed for doordash, a period of 2 years and amazon worker for a year. My understanding of cellular biology,pathology, anatomy and physiology of mammalian cells, basic medical sciences, organ systems of the human body was implied in courses at Ross University, Saint James School of medicine. Lab science courses including anatomy, histology, pathology, physiology, biochemistry and clinical rotations,clerkships at jackson park hospital; concepts in anesthesiology, surgery, psychiatry were discussed with physicians and instructors at the school. I participated in volunteering and research projects at Melton klato hospital and local shelters,orphanages or health fairs sponsored by AMSA saint vincent and the grenadine or island of dominica. I studied every single book in the curriculum in my preparation for usmle step1,including case files, robben and kumar, netter's anatomy, jonquera, kaplan medical courses,lectures and books, usmle rx, usmle world,kaplan question bank. My career plans are to work in cell biology,molecular biology research team or laboratory field in which laboratory testing are done frequently, tutoring or teaching other students, undergraduate or graduate level, concepts that are essential in cell and molecular biology. Writing abstract, thesis, methods to be included in scientific publication of Research studies and continuation of my education to include PhD. Advancing science via understanding of molecular pathways in which cellular and foreign antigen react, proliferate, understanding of tissue,organ systems behavior in response to foreign antigen, antibody reaction, further investigation of defects or excessively abnormal bodily response to injury resulting in hypersensitivity, comparing hypersensitivity to autoimmune disorders in which immune system react against self antigen. Investigate resemblance of disorders to other disorders due to different etiology but similar or different symptoms such as hydrocephalus and down syndro
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