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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - San Francisco, California, USA

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San Francisco, California, USA
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Registered: October 2022
City/Town/Province: Greenbrae
Posts: 1
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My name is Maya and I am an advocate for reversing climate change, equity, and better health. I have always advocated for increased equity within my school and home city, San Francisco, yet starting last fall, I expanded statewide with the California PTA. As one of only five students on the PTA Board of Managers, I've shared diverse student perspectives, especially those from DACA, homeless, LGBTQ+, and underrepresented minority communities. After learning through my outreach that many children couldn't enjoy free school lunches because of dietary restrictions, be it for environmental, health, or religious reasons, I wrote a statewide resolution urging schools to provide plant-based meal options in school lunches.

As the resolution's author and lead investigator, I presented it to the 100-member board for approval. After getting it passed through the board, I went to the California state PTA convention where the resolution was up for vote in May of 2022. I led several hearings and discussions during the convention in order for the public to ask any questions they would like. The day of the vote, I gave a speech in front of more than six-hundred and fifty people. Successfully, my resolution unanimously got passed. Now that the resolution got passed through the California PTA, I am working hard to get the resolution passed nationally.

This initiative is meaningful because I'm making an impact across the state and hopefully the country. I'm giving children the chance to choose plant-based meals in their local school lunches which would have a tremendous environmental effect. With a decrease in meat consumption, there will be less carbon emissions produced and the resolution will support more sustainability with school meals. My project has inspired me to study and work in a career focusing on how food has an impact on our environment. It has also helped me understand the necessity for policy and continue advocating for increased sustainability within it. By writing a full resolution and getting it passed, I have a deeper appreciation for the changemakers of our world and strive to continuously make an impact every day. From working on this project and beyond, I plan to continue taking action and live by the Mahatma Ghandi saying, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."
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