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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, Fallbrook, USA

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Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, Fallbrook, USA
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Registered: August 2022
City/Town/Province: Temecula
Posts: 1
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Please refer to my research paper that I conducted for this opportunity. It entails immense studying, background and detail. Please email me for the link!

Hello! My name is Zoe Burry, pronouns she/they. I am an aspiring double major in environmental science and ecosystem and forestry management. I am attending UC Berkeley as a first year student to pursue these ecological dreams!
I have been privileged to grow up in Southern California and Sydney Australia. Both places are wonderfully biodiverse. They have shaped my personal emphasis on human intersectionality with nature and how we manage our resources - specifically with local flora and fauna.
In my last year of high school, I enrolled in a higher level Biology class with the International Baccalaureate programme. This class bestowed a plethora of opportunities for me to pursue - my favourite being that of formulating my very own biological investigation over the course of a year. With the Apprentice Ecologist project on behalf of the Nicodemus Wilderness Project in mind, I decided to pursue an ecological research approach at Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve. This river trail is a local biodiversity hotspot near my residence.
I chose to take on this project not for the sake of my class requirement, but because I genuinely love our ecological systems. I recognise their intricacies and I want to sustain them. I want our systems to flourish, and to continue sustainably providing for every facet of humanity.
Continuing, my project as aforementioned was located at Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve. Santa Margarita is a South Coast Ecoregion. It is an unfortunately endangered yet valuable area, characterised by a Mediterranean-like climate with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Furthermore, it is recognized as a global hotspot of threatened biodiversity. There is immense biological significance to this area, as well as ethical intrinsic value. It is a place of recreation and beauty; of respite and belief. Despite its declining health, the reserve is still an inspiring showcase of nature's resilience and prowess.
Therefore, I conducted research on the reserve's biodiversity. I specifically focused on how the biodiversity concentration differs in varying river increments. A large river flows through Santa Margarita and is a quintessential geographical and ecological pinpoint throughout the reserve.
I specifically did this research to ensure biodiversity was at a healthy level.
Continuing, my investigation was split into three major categories: exploration, explanation and evaluation.
I first explored what I was going to pursue; I followed the scientific method and gathered my lab materials for field work. I then carried out my field work. I was able to see natural explanations in the reserve that answered aspects of my hypothesis and project. Finally, I evaluated my own data in correlation with a greater scientific world. The biodiversity data I gathered did not just prove my hypothesis. I was able to help park rangers record migration and nesting patterns in some bird species. Furthermore, the reserve occasionally closes parts of the trail to the public to ensure that wildlife replenishes and thrives without human interference. They have taken my data into consideration and will keep the river section under close watch. To see the specifics of my research, please refer to my paper, linked at the top of this page!
With this all in mind, I think it is important to take care of Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve because of its environmental intersectionality with its local human, flora and fauna community. This reserve must set a precedent for nature around the world: an emphasis of sustainability and environmental resilience and justice for all. It is biodiverse; plentiful and rich in all of its value This is something I, as an individual, respect and want to sustain.
By having a shining pillar of nature accessible and healthy (Santa Margarita), my local community can progress in its many aspects. We can properly address environmental racism and injustice by dispersing materials with equity and placing marginalised groups in replenishable areas. We can preserve endangered flora and fauna species and replenish their populations. We can conduct climatic research; soil research, geological research- this list is continual.
So overall, the Apprentice Ecologist Project has enriched my life by making me a global minded environmentalist. It has also solidified my future career. I cannot wait to further my research and studies, and to keep our environmental systems healthy.
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