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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Torrance, California, USA

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Torrance, California, USA
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Registered: December 2021
City/Town/Province: Torrance, CA
Posts: 1
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Earth is a magical place. To me, it is a fantastical, magical book full of wonders. We as a human species are still turning the pages, discovering more about this beautiful planet every day. As children, we discover new things every minute. When I was a child, I visited the Lincoln Park Zoo almost every weekend, waving to the monkeys, roaring like the lions, and flapping my arms, wanting to fly like the beautiful birds. I lived in the third-largest city in America, Chicago, and spotting wildlife other than pigeons and squirrels was rare. This love for the Earth and its living things has guided me through life, and I have been trying to do everything I can to volunteer, read, and write about animals.

I was looking for opportunities to do a project that interested me when I learned about the Apprentice Ecologist project, and I knew I wanted to participate. I recently moved to southern California and started making my new idea a reality. My goal was to write and publish a book that taught young kids about endangered animals and what they could do to help them. I first researched five endangered species I would feature in my book: Orangutans, Walrus, Rhinos, Sea Otters, and Sea Turtles. Next, I created five characters, one cute young animal of each species, and began formulating the storyline. Each character goes on a journey that introduces the reader to their habitat, species, and life in the wild. It then tells the story from the animal’s perspective of why their species is endangered, such as habitat destruction, poaching, and even the complex topic of global warming. I used my graphic design skills, as well as my research abilities, to complete this project. After completing the book’s design and formatting the written story, I had one more hurdle to cross. How do I publish it? I learned about self-publishing and published my book for free as an eBook.

When pricing my book, I thought about the Lincoln Park Zoo. It is not often a city that offers a free zoo, and I would never have been able to see the animals I have and learn about each one if not for that zoo. So, I decided that I wanted my book to be free for everyone. Anyone can download and read my eBook at any time, at no cost. I think it is extremely important to educate the next generation about endangered animals because animals provide balance to the biodiversity of the Earth, and losing certain species could mean losing that carefully balanced equilibrium Earth has so masterfully created. Each of these species plays a crucial role in their ecosystems. If their numbers continue to decrease, it could mean disastrous consequences for humanity and the ecosystems they reside in. Saving endangered species cannot happen without change, and change can only occur if we initiate it. People around the world are working endlessly to save these species from extinction. All they need is a little more support. I believe that children, the newest generation hold the key to the collective change that needs to happen to save our animals. My book, titled Don't Let Us Disappear, targets ages 4-8 and aims to introduce kids to endangered animals in a fun, lighthearted way. My goal is to inspire them to care about these animals and pledge to do what they can in the future to help preserve their populations.

In Don't Let Us Disappear, Otis the Sea Otter, Owen the Orangutan, Rae the Rhino, Sammy the Sea Turtle, and Wally the Walrus tell their story of survival as an endangered species and communicate in a simple way for elementary-aged youth to understand. It benefits the kids, who can read a fun book about animals, parents who can introduce the concept of endangered species to their kids, and the environment, teaching the newest generation the importance of protecting it. I published my project on July 9th, 2021, and since then, it has gotten around 500 downloads and has a 4.5-star review on Amazon. After its publishing date, I introduced the book to schools and libraries in my area.

My Apprentice Ecologist Project has helped enrich my life because it inspired me to think creatively and outside the box. At the time of brainstorming, I wanted to do a fieldwork project; however, after moving to a new state, I had very few connections and felt that an education project suited my situation better. After completing this book, I’ve been inspired to publish more and am editing another book about global warming for kids. I want to continue writing books throughout my life and pursue a career in wildlife research and education.
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