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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA

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Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA
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Registered: August 2021
City/Town/Province: Brooklyn
Posts: 1
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Whereas Covid-19 was challenging for mankind all over the world, we are not the only ones locked in a terrible state. Due to security concerns, the water fountains were shut down by my school and little plastic bottles of water were purchased and dispersed amongst 36 classes. But in the garbage cans and outside areas, these bottles of water started to accumulate. Something needed to change.

Every day that we disregarded the situation, whether out of shame or simply plain ignorance, our predicament did not vanish. I remember thinking, "I'm not even a teenager yet, how can I alter something so grand?" But then it hit me: the total number of individuals who share my problem of feeling small is a fairly large sum of people. Even if one person does not have the capability to order a movement, a group of people might. Every day, we go through life under the impression that we lack the ability to make a difference. That we are just a speck of dust on the scale of our planet, but even a small boat in the ocean can launch big waves into motion.

I gathered a couple of my buddies and we devised a plan in one night. It would require some guts and a little willpower, but what is success without some hard work? The following day, with a USB in hand and fear disguised behind our smiles, we met with the headmaster of our academic institution. We received a green light shortly after, and our plan was a go-go.

We acquired recycling bins with the aid of our wonderful teachers and requested a recycling truck to come down here in a week. In just 3 days, we managed to collect bottles from all 36 classes and bag them up.

At the conclusion of the week, I was filled with tremendous satisfaction to step out in the courtyard of our school without the sight of a single bottle on site.

Simply put, we kept on our cycle and got money back for the bottles we gathered. This money was contributed in part to groups to promote the cause further.

I learned the strength of team effort, tenacity and commitment via this experience.

We are given several opportunities to create good daily, but only one life, so instead of waiting to state that I will do so later and what can I do to make a difference, perhaps all we need is some inspiration.
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