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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Kathamandu, Nepal

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Kathamandu, Nepal
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Registered: March 2021
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After every jubilant wedding parties at the lively late-night party palaces, birthday parties, anniversaries, the remnants of last night --rotting vegetables and discarded bottle caps lay around-- discarded, forsaken.
I've stepped on several of these tiny bottle caps thrown arbitrarily at pedestrian pathways at Kathmandu's numerous street corners that are turned into impotent landfill sites.

I study art and I love making art using junks and discarded everyday items that I see around; conjuring up creativity using the tactility of found objects greatly appeals to my senses when it comes to making art.
One day, while experimenting with my works, I discovered how bottle caps could be used as bezels for stone pendants that women in my country love wearing as a necklace, I realized an amazing potentiality of these mundane objects that could be recycled not only to create unique handmade items, but also to reduce a pollutant from the environment and save the earth, especially the oceans from potentially life-threatening objects.
I named this project "Craftcreek" initiating it with the manufacturing of unique and wearable jewelries made out of reusable waste materials like bottle caps. The bottle caps I use to make pendant necklaces are regular glass bottle caps collected from streets and restaurants.
I eventually started selling these ornaments online through a social media page with the same name .
Because I started doing all this in the midst of a time when I myself was recovering from and battling a life-threatening brain operation, I've experienced the viscerally emancipating effect I feel from crafting with these tangible materials.
With the income generated from the sale of bottle cap necklaces, I envisage to one day create employment opportunities for several women like me of our country who have to fight everyday against employment discrimination and patriarchy. Furthermore, I aspire to transcribe the same liberating feeling I've experienced while making art in those around me, especially those who deal with mental health problems like I did during the time when I myself was battling emotional and mental trauma and had started making crafts. But most importantly, this project has reduced the amount of everyday landfill wastes and wastages discarded on residential and city corners- even if not to the greatest extent, an extent to which one day it will little by little make a positive difference within various interrelated sectors of my country.
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Hours Volunteered: 180
Volunteers: 3
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 19 to 30
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 5
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 0.33
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