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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Salt River, Arizona, USA

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Salt River, Arizona, USA
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Registered: December 2020
Posts: 2
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I was inspired to take initiative on an issue while hiking. While exploring nature, I regularly saw an upsetting amount of litter present. I began carrying a bag with me everywhere I went so I could dispose of the abundant litter. I filled up several trash bags each time, and felt I should be doing more to make an impact.
Research led me on a reduced-waste journey. By switching to bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo/conditioner bars, and toothpaste tablets, a waste bin became unnecessary in my bathroom. However, I still wanted to do more for the planet.
I started bringing groups of people with me to clean up local wilderness areas. My family was reluctant initially because they did not see the issue that I saw. They became more involved after their doubts of finding much litter locally were dissolved. I regularly kayak the Salt River and decided to clean up a stretch of the journey. A friend and I filled a kayak with trash over the course of eight hours, collecting nearly two hundred pounds of river waste.
I decided to start an environmental action club to gather people with common interests to help the cause. On the club's social media account, I post updates about cleanups, encourage members to conduct their own trips during social distancing, and will plan events once cleared. Also posted on the account are environmental tips for decreasing waste and emissions.
I believe strong leadership entails direct involvement of the head and the embodiment of the ideals which are to be taught to a community. As a result, I take pride in getting my hands dirty for the planet and living life sustainably.
Date: December 11, 2020 Views: 3682 File size: 20.3kb, 3019.6kb : 4032 x 3024
Hours Volunteered: 20
Volunteers: 2
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 17 to 19
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 2
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 90
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