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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Snow Creek Park, Walnut, CA, USA

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Snow Creek Park, Walnut, CA, USA
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Registered: August 2020
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As a student in a community focused on academics, I didn't think I would be so passionate about the environment. I only joined the environmental club on a whim as my sister said I would get a cool stole if I stuck with the club for four years. I thought my future in this club would be bleak because I predicted I would leave the club next year. That didn't happen though.

I chose to do an Apprentice Ecologist project on behalf of the Nicodemus Wilderness Project because I want to educate my community about the importance of ecological and environmental sustainability. Our local society should focus less on school and more about preserving the beauty that Walnut was founded upon.

The environmental club at my school is widely considered to be the very epitome of the esteemed meme, "It's ain't much, but it's honest work." Our events consist of weekly clean-ups at various parks, and hikes to showcase environmental beauty. Thus, some people at my school believe just picking up pieces of plastic is not "good" work.

One thing in that meme describing our club is definitely wrong, however; it's definitely honest work, but I think our work is a lot. I go by the saying that the best things in life come in small packages, and its prevalence is widely appreciated in my line of work for ECGA, my environmental club.

I recall one moment when I was a regular member, and I signed up for a clean-up event at Snow Creek Park. Although located in a wealthy neighborhood it was extremely infested with various types of waste in its community areas and rivers. Wearing my club's T-shirt, I crouched for the very tiny pieces of paper and plastic and humbly picked them up, dumping them into a bag. Without a signal, an elderly lady was passing by. However, she stopped for a moment, and simply said, "Thank you for cleaning the park for us," and went on with her day.

It was just a thank you. Just two words. And that inspired me to become the President of ECGA, to be the president of a club that has over 150 active members. Those two words inspired me to make ECGA the greatest club in Walnut High School.

I accomplished this project because I wanted to prove a point to my audience. The events that I have attended are immeasurable, but I know that I impact my community, sometimes in big amounts, sometimes in small amounts. The parks are cleaner, the lakes are clearer, and the trails are wider. The instructions that I provide inspire my club members, engaging them to work harder to make their local environment beautiful.

But it's not just a physical impact, because the community is nicer due to my club's effort. Every time I am at an ECGA-related event, I see people thanking each other. For pickng up trash, for coming, and for preserving the environment. Oftentimes, other people watch us, and even join us. You can see elders, adults, teenagers, and even children helping at some parks.

ECGA is more than just preserving the environment. It's about giving back to the community, and showing that if everyone plays a part, our community can be a better place.
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