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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - St. Peters Village, Pennsylvania, USA

St. Peters Village, Pennsylvania, USA
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Registered: November 2019
City/Town/Province: Chester Springs
Posts: 1
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St. Peters’ Clean Up

My mother is an environmental auditor, she and I have done many community cleanups from our own parks to sorting trash and recycling at the Philadelphia Phillies games. I have even helped my mom at Exelon’s earth day celebrations where we plant pollination field and do other group projects each year. I enjoy cleaning up and make the earth a healthier place for us, the aminals, and for the plants. I chose to host a community clean up at my community park which has trails and climbing rocks called St. Peters located in St. Peters Village in PA. I played there as a kid and so do many of my friends so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to get friends and family who also have memories at the park to come together and help clean it up. There was trash on the trails and floating on the water; I worked with Peco, and 3 other sponsors for funding. Peco was kind enough to donate large black trash bags and gloves for the event. The event’s name was St. Peters Clean Up, where we walked up and down the trails and by the water picking up trash and waste what did not belong there. It took place on September 21, 2019, That was the first time it was planned but I plan on hosting another clean up for a neighboring park as well in the spring of 2020. I believe the project was important due to the amount of wildlife that lives there and the amount of plant growth that covers the ground and sky. The park has become known as a spot to express yourself, there are large climbing rocks that are all over the creek that runs through the area; there are many paintings all over the rocks that are done by hundreds of people, some artistic and some just positive messages to brighten your day. The park is a family-friendly area that I believe needs to get more attention to the trash and waste people have left behind over time to give it that fresh and new look once more. By picking as the trash we help prevent future damage to the wildlife that lives at St. Peters, it also brought attention in the eyes of the public, now people see the area that is clean and plan to come back and make more memories. Overall this project has taught me how the planning process works or similar events and has made me more aware of other environmental awareness around me and it has gotten me to want to plan more and get other communities involved. This event has made me a better person as a whole and has taught me about time management and organization as well, I had to keep up with sponsors and reach out to the public for volunteers making me more prepared for my future.
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