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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Registered: November 2019
City/Town/Province: Chicago
Posts: 1
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I, in the summer of 2019, took part in the Lincoln Park Zoo Internship program. In this internship, I was tasked with venturing out into different parts of the Zoo, and educating visitors on animal conservation politics and zoology. Likewise, I was able to do this through a system we had called mobile learning stations: A station that carried around different bio-materials and guest engagements. Though this part of the internship was great, it also prepared us for a bigger project that each intern had to do. And so, I was tasked with having to work with two other interns on a Zoo project-of our choosing- that would be presented at the end of the program, at a open house. Our project was the combination of a crafted enrichment tool for the Zebras, and a purposal of a signage extention on their habitat. We carefully prepared the steps for the project accordingly, we talked to the Zebra keepers, we talked to the signage organizers, and we were able to successfully make our enrichment tool which was a Zebra feeding dispenser. At the open house, we were able to present our project to the staff of the Zoo and get their approval on it. Finally, as I reflect back on the time I had at the internship, it taught me a lot through both the Learning stations and the Zebras project. It taught me that working with people who have the same interests as you can not only be fun, but also very helpful and bringing awareness to topics that you hold dear. I love Wildlife, and being able to share that love on a grand scale, being able to talk to thousands of people every week about Nature- and to work on a project that you care deeply about-, it makes a difference.
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