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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Houston, Texas, USA

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Houston, Texas, USA
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Registered: August 2019
City/Town/Province: Houston
Posts: 1
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For 5 days a group of minority students from 11-17 learned about conservation and agriculture from farmers, a famous shark wrangler for Texas Wild Life and parks, and more Texas Wild life and Park officers. We were able to take our kids on different field trips around the Houston Area to expose them to different aspects of agriculture while mainly focusing on conversational science. They were taught about aquaponics, what Bill Balboa did for TWPD when wrangling sharks to be tagged and they also got to learn about the inside and outside workings of sharks and other aquatic animals as well as the role they play in their environments. They were able to learn how conservationist work to save endangered species such as an elephant for example, and were excited to know how long elephant pregnancies are. They also learned why many laws were made when it comes to hunting and fishing due to the history of animals almost going extinct because people hunted or fished them when they were too young or they over caught animals leading to a decline in the population. They were also able to go camping and learn more about the outdoors while physically being in it.
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Hours Volunteered: 1188
Volunteers: 22
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 19- & 30 t0 60
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