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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Hemlock Crossing, West Olive, Michigan, USA

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Hemlock Crossing, West Olive, Michigan, USA
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Registered: January 2019
City/Town/Province: Allendale
Posts: 1
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Being a Boy Scout and going to a school with an Environmental Science foundation has helped give me a deep appreciation for the environment. I even based my senior project off an idea that helps stop polluting in the environment. And when I reached the point in my Boy Scout career that I needed to come up with an Eagle Scout project I knew that I wanted to relate it somehow to the environment as well. I reached out to the Ottawa County Parks department and learned that they had a lot of potential project ideas. One that stood out to me was the need for Wildlife Coverboards at the Nature Education Center.

Wildlife Coverboards are designed to be a place for animals to take shelter. It is best used during winter as itís good at trapping heat and moisture for reptiles and amphibians who are looking for a place to stay warm. I met with Kristen Hintz, the parks supervisor of the Nature Education Center at Hemlock Crossings Park when we discussed the possibility of me doing this as a project. We talked about the details of how she wanted the boards to look and how it can best help her teach visitors at the center, as well as how it can help the animals who find shelter under the boards.

I conducted a cost estimate on my project with all my materials and the total cost was about $185 to make four Wildlife Coverboards. After a few trips to the hardware store I got all my supplies including corrugated galvanized roofing, wood screws, and wood. I also had to design and order signs for each of the boards. Part of an Eagle Scout project is organizing and leading volunteers who help put the project together. My volunteers were from my Boy Scout troop and Scout Venturing Crew. The actual assembly of the boards took just one workday. We measured and cut the roofing and wood and attached them with wood screws, then attached a handle to the top with a sign above it. A second work day was spent placing the boards at Hemlock Crossings Park near the Nature Education Center. We met Mrs. Hintz at the park and selected four locations within the park where they would be best used. She chose to keep them near the Nature Education Center so that the nature guides can take students and other visitors out there to show them.
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