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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Curacao

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Registered: December 2018
City/Town/Province: Tampa
Posts: 1
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Throughout my life I have had a unique passion for the ocean and all the beautiful organisms living inside of it. Growing up in Florida, and having a Caribbean background, I have spent a lot of time exploring the underwater world. This passion sparked another interest and goal for me regarding environmental conservation. I wanted to help make a positive difference for the earth's oceans, and for the other aspects of nature I was surrounded with. When I heard about the Apprentice Ecologist Project on behalf of the Nicodemus Wilderness Project, I was immediately inspired to tunnel my passions into a service opportunity that would positively affect my community.
My project was orientated around sea turtle conservation in the Caribbean island of Curacao. The waters surrounding the island, which were once home to several species of sea turtles, have recently been corrupted with harmful waste, pollution, and busyness that has harmed the habitats of sea turtles. Almost all species of sea turtles are considered to be endangered, and I wanted to help these beautiful creatures be able to continue to thrive around the Caribbean waters of Curacao as much as possible. During my project, I cleaned trash along the coastlines all around the island, eliminating an abundant amount of harmful waste from common sea turtle nesting grounds. Similarly, I conducted nest checks to see when and where turtles were nesting and hatching. I also participated in sea turtle behavior observation and monitoring to learn more about the majestic creatures. I also helped with educating tourists, and Curacao citizens about sea turtle conservation, and did translation work for younger students to learn about marine biology. Other sea turtle conservation volunteers and I also took a boat ride to a small nearby island, "Klein Curacao," in order to conduct similar conservation efforts, as sea turtle conservation is especially essential there. I also was able to help raise money for sea turtle conservation by selling keychains made from 100% recycled plastic.
Throughout my life I have always been a part of nature conservation programs. In my hometown of Tampa, FL, I participated in several clean-up events with an organization called Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful. When I came to Curacao, I wanted to take my experience with nature conservation and apply it to my new community. I believe helping the animals, plants and the overall environment is very important to the success of our earth. We need to preserve our natural elements and prioritize the health of our earth so that it can prosper for years to come. I consider my project with ocean and sea turtle conservation to be one big step forward for the island of Curacao and its surrounding community. It is important to take care of the oceans and animals in this area because they play an essential role in the success of our ecosystem, and the biology of our earth could become dysfunctional if we as humans continue to harm and pollute the environment as we have been.
I believe that my work with sea turtle conservation made an incredibly positive impact on my community. I believe I was able to help keep the oceans clean, help reduce pollution on Curacao coastlines, educate my peers about sea turtles, and help make a positive difference for these underwater animals. I made a positive impact for the island, and the environment as a whole. This experience has taught me a lot about nature conservation and the importance of keeping our environment clean and healthy. I have a more open-minded global perspective, and This Apprentice Ecologist Project has allowed me to explore my passions and make a positive difference while doing so. By helping the sea turtles, I was able to connect with the ocean in a way I never had before. This was an inspiring experience and I am confident that I will continue to work in environmental conservation throughout my future.
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