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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Lithonia, Georgia

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Lithonia, Georgia
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Registered: September 2018
City/Town/Province: Cumming
Posts: 1
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Growing up, I was always intrigued by wildlife: from the way plants and animals coexisted and to the playfulness of infant animals. I was even more fascinated by marine ecosystems, always wondering how creatures lived under the deep blue or if giant squids really exist. I would spend some days attempting to draw dolphins and elephants and others writing down any fact I would stumble upon. As years went by, I began to realize the nature, that I have been cherishing, was slowly dying. I read about animal trafficking and habitat destruction, despite each disaster breaking my heart; I never knew what to do or how I could help it, especially since I was just a child. Sometimes when we drove past a construction site, now depleted of forest, tears would form in my eyes imagining all the homeless animals.

Now in high school, I read, in despair, about the last living male northern white rhino being very ill. At the same time, the Great Barrier Reef was suffering a massive bleaching. My anger and disgust at humanity for slowly ripping nature's grace turned into a lightbulb. I discussed with my friend, who agreed that something had to be done, and that more people have to know what is happening to our environment. With this thought, we created a non-profit organization, called 'Web of Wildlife'. Since, it is not possible for us to travel to Africa, and physically stop a poacher, we decided the main goal would be to spread awareness about the hardships wildlife go through. In about six months, the organization grew from two members to twenty five, and our efforts to help wildlife escalated with each campaign.

The first event was a car wash to donate to AWARE wildlife center. AWARE wildlife center is rehabilitation and rescues native Georgia species. We had the privilege of touring AWARE and meeting their animal patients. Upon our visit, we learnt about how many of the patients end up in AWARE because our negligence: such as throwing food on the sides of the road, which attracts mice that attract birds of prey, which then get hit by cars. AWARE did not receive any government funding and only ran on donations. Learning the hardships of these patients and how we could help, motivated me to work harder to help AWARE. My team and I set our goal for the car wash: help at least five animals through rehabilitation.

As the day of the car wash grew closer, the weather drastically changed from a sunny blue sky to a dark ominous sky. Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc through Georgia that forced us to cancel the car wash. Nevertheless my impounding interest to help animal community remained high, so I reached back to my team to plan the car wash. After long deliberations within my team and renegotiating with SPCA, the car wash was postponed to the following week. The money raised from the car wash was donated to AWARE that in-turn helped seven animal patients to full recovery. After hearing this, I was in a state of exuberance for the next week because I made a positive impact on our environment. The following months, consisted of how we could save more animal patients and spread more awareness.

I began reaching out to environmental organizations all around us. We planted Bee attracting perennials at the humane society, removed aspen around the rehabilitation shelters at AWARE Wildlife Center, and met with girl scout troops to spread awareness. Today, my passion to help our environment continues with a growing passion. I aim to help animals on a global scale, through donations and adoptions. The team and I are making awareness bracelets, in-efforts to adopt an orphaned baby orangutan due to poaching.

Creating Web of Wildlife changed me from a quiet, timid individual, to a determined leader. Courage and Confidence slowly replaced my anxiety and self doubt; more evidently, I became confident in expressing my thoughts and ideas. Web of Wildlife also helped me pursue my true passion: saving our environment. I attempted dance, taekwondo and even basketball; but the passion and determination I have for helping wildlife is beyond anything else. The organization grew from two to thirty members like minded environmentalists, motivating me to continue my efforts .Even though I cannot directly help an injured rhino, I know I can help in small ways: by recycling, volunteering at an animal rehabilitation center, or spreading awareness to others about how we can help our environment. Our environment is not something that I look to help only through Web of Wildlife; a day does not go by without me wanting to make a difference. Sometimes the difference is physically saving a animal or just taking a ten minute shower; nonetheless, my desire to save our environment is impregnable. I intend to continue learning and helping our environment and growing as a person in the future.
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