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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Meyer Park and along Sims Bayou, Houston, Texas, USA

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Meyer Park and along Sims Bayou, Houston, Texas, USA
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Registered: May 2018
City/Town/Province: Houston
Posts: 1
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I have been a Girl Scout for 13 years and am still active as a senior in high school and Ambassador Girl Scout. In 2018, I completed my Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest national award any Girl Scout can earn. My Gold Award was titled "Plant a Tree, Save the Environment" due to planting trees throughout Houston.

I drew my inspiration to plant trees from witnessing the devastation from a large traumatic amount of flooding that was occurring in the communities in my city of Houston Texas. My grandmother was particularly affected multiple times by the large amount of horrific flooding. I watched her deep suffering, crying, and the weary looks in her eyes as she watched all her memories and belongings wash away. It was very hard for me to witness my grandmother and the community I love struggle to rebuild, so I wanted to make a difference. My team and I addressed the issue by planting trees to reduce the flooding in the Houston area.

I wanted to plant at least 100 trees and surpassed my goal by planting 150 trees. I wanted to spread the importance of trees and how trees help our environment by reducing flooding, decreasing soil erosion, and improving air quality. To inspire others to plant trees, I created a power point presentation that informed people how trees helped the environment, tree statistics, other ways to help the environment, and information about my website. The website tells the viewers background information on my project, the benefits of planting trees, and how to plant trees. The website also allows viewers to tell me their name, where they planted trees, and how many trees they planted.

Despite only working in Houston, I wanted to create a global impact. Bettering the environment all starts with one person who takes the initiative. My website provides information about the benefits of planting trees and it can be accessed globally. Word of mouth and my website will keep the impact of my project alive. The domino effect will spread from state to state and even country to country markedly increasing the number of trees planted around the world. My 150 trees planted added to the trees planted in Texas and other states and countries year after year will greatly reduce our estimated 10 billion tree deficit.

During my project, I had to contact multiple companies to achieve my tree plantings and get a project advisor. Throughout that process, I learned that it was best to always get the person name of whom I was speaking with so I could have for future reference when I had to call back. It was best to do that so I did not have to go through multiple people and I could just get back to that person immediately. Having one person of contact was more efficient and reduced errors. I also learned that after I schedule an event, I had to stay in contact to make sure all my requests were completed. It was also best to email my contact person a few days before the event to remind them that it was taking place and to make sure there was no last minute changes or rescheduling.

I learned many things about my strength, character, and skills. As a leader, I had to improve my public speaking, which I did through my many presentations. I learned how to improve my communication skills from the many calls to business and following up on conversations to explaining to my team what I needed and expected from them. I worked with a diverse group with different backgrounds and different personalities. I helped by team work as one team, not as one person to accomplish our goal. I used my critical thinking to resolve challenges encountered to make the situation better.

Through my tree planting project, I was able to give back to my community by improving my environment. I was able to fill a void that existed for far too long in my community. It was one of my favorite self-accomplishments because I could see the impact that I made in my community. It was instant gratification. I will forever be reminded that I made a positive impact on my environment that I helped to make my community a better place for future generations. It was even more meaningful because the trees will be there for many years. I have gone back to look at them several times and will continue to watch them grow.

Through my project, I learned that in order to be a good leader, I cannot be shy about leading or instructing or just being a good example. This project has helped me learn that I am a go-getter, an innovator, a risk-taker, and most importantly a leader. I can now lead with confidence. Ultimately, my project an allowed me to be the difference I wanted to see in my community. Using persistence, effective communication, great organization, superb leadership, and excellent follow-up allowed me to accomplish my goal. I will use the skills I have acquired in college to better prepare me for my marketing career and continue to be an advocate for change in my community.
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Hours Volunteered: 180
Volunteers: 50
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 13-65
Native Trees Planted: 150
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