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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Yellow Stone Park, Pasadena, Texas, USA

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Yellow Stone Park, Pasadena, Texas, USA
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Registered: December 2017
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My Gift To The Environment
Ever since I took AP Environmental Science back in my senior year in high school, my perspective of the world has changed. Global warming documentaries, pollution, deforestation has brought to my attention on how much we as humans impact the environment through our own decisions. As a religious person, I was taught to respect any animate objects that are given to us as a gift on this world from God, however; as an educated person, I know it is wrong to damage the natural world of living things ranging from animals all the way to plant. Yes, us humans are also impacted by the damage we cause to the environment and the many ecosystems it holds. For my moral and virtues, I choose to do an Apprentice Ecologist project on behalf of the Nicodemus Wilderness Project. I want to protect the world that I live in and also its living creatures so that each generation can have what the one before it had. Even if my effort is insignificant, I want to do all that I can to protect any environment from human intervention. By intervention, in general, adding or taking away things from an ecosystem, such as animals or trees, will cause disorder on the ecosystem's food chain and sustainability.
Due to my basic definition of human intervention, the location of where I conducted the project backs up this idea. My project took place at a public park called Pasadena's Yellow Stone Park. Since it's the winter season, the grasses and trees are bit dry but with a bit of green showing on the leaves. The park is situated southeast of an elementary school and has multiple walkways that lead from that school to nearby neighborhoods. At the center of the park, there is a playground, where it is situated away from trees so that it can be noticeable to anyone who approaches it. Near the walkway between the school and the park is where I gathered my family and me to begin the project. We wore plastic gloves and held a big trash bag as we walked around one of the entrances of the park since most trash happens to be there due to the neighborhood kids who walk to a Wal-Mart, which happens to be behind the school. There are also convenient stores leading down into the other walkways, which explains the trash there. As a family, we picked up trash at the park since the area is nice for kids and other people to enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, we didn't want the environment surrounding the playground to be damaged with plastic water bottles or half-finished Doritos chips bag for example. After looking around the park, we managed to pick up a full bag of trash and accomplished not only helping the environment but also helping out the community. Majority of the trash was junk food wrappings and old mail.
From my results, the project that I conducted impacted the area that I took of since as mentioned, it poses as a good thing for the people around the location and the environment itself. The project positively impacted the environment by removing plastic materials that take years to decompose in the soil. By removing these plastics, we are able to prevent killing the grasses since solid materials block sunlight needed for plant growth and photosynthesis. Beyond this point, even if my efforts only held a small positive impact, the Earth is kept a few feet from the further destruction of its environments. Basically, yes it is possible to prevent the inevitable by helping out mother nature to be intact, but it is hard for the whole world to change and right there wrongs in order to protect the natural environment. What I did not only helped the park to continue to look healthy and full of life, but also bring the surrounding community the satisfaction of enjoying the outdoors. The community the ability to enjoy the park again as long it stays clean and the people learn to comprehend the natural laws of what it takes to sustain an environment and its ecosystems. The ecosystem protected in this case is the one that homes grasses, trees, insects, birds, rabbits, frogs, and hawks. This ecosystem is one that I don't want to disturb or watch other cause harm to it.
By doing the Ecologist project, I was able to take matters into my own hands and do something for the environment. Protecting it and nurturing it was the stance I took as I cleaned the park with my family. From this experience, I was able to see the world in a new perspective. I noticed how much of a little thing, such as picking up the trash, can cause a big impact to the community and the park itself. I was brought into to the light of hope and saw what we can do as human beings when it comes to protecting the Earth that we live on and call home. The Earth is our own environment and society is where we dwell in a complexity of infinite interaction with others across the globe. From the project, I was also inspired to incorporate the environment into my future career as a Mechanical Engineer. I hope to build machines that won't cause harm to the environment and also benefits the human race in the effort to make the world a better place to live.
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