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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Arshaly village, Arshaly District, Akmola Oblast, Kazakhstan

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Arshaly village, Arshaly District, Akmola Oblast, Kazakhstan
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Registered: December 2016
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Rivers call for help
The sacred duty of every citizen is to protect the earth, water and air. The problems of conservancy science engages in ecology. Today, the environment has become the science of the rational use of natural resources and their conservation. Science does not occur on its own. Any science is a result of the need to address humanity of those or other problems which have risen in the course of its development. Ecology is no exception, it also arose in connection with the decision of very important problems for people.
I really want to try to understand the role played by the rivers in our lives. Rivers since time immemorial serve as a means of communication for fisheries and aquaculture, for irrigation and water supply, as a source of hydroelectric power. Rivers - is the circulatory system of our planet, they are widely used in human economic activity. For example, fishing, watering plants, feeding different animals. The banks of many rivers are the places to relax, through the river the people carry cargo and passengers. Also, do not forget the most important thing is that the water of the rivers is purified to make drinking water. But if they are so necessary, why do people pollute the banks of our rivers so thoughtlessly? Why nobody thinks that it could have serious consequences?
Our settlement is situated along the great river Ishim. We have many beaches where you can sit with your family on the nature and enjoy its beauty, but in recent years, it is impossible to enjoy it, because all the shore littered with mountains of garbage, empty bottles, cigarette butts, different packages. And such a picture can be observed in many reservoirs. The conflict of a man with the nature did not come immediately. It grew gradually. Hunting, burning of forests, the destruction of fish in ponds, waste are often caused of the bad relationship with nature. Therefore, even in ancient times people took care and reasonably used natural resources. We do much in our country in order to have clean rivers, forests, air, to nature, while continue to give the man what is needed, and never cease to delight him with their beauty, constantly reproduce their wealth. In school we are taught to clean, we often do the voluntary work on cleaning the school grounds and on the streets of our settlement. This year the whole school took part in cleaning the riverbanks. When we saw the riverbanks, we decided what we would be able to handle this job. During the day, we have collected about seven bags of garbage. The result of our work could be seen at once. So the children next time think before you throw a piece of paper on the ground. I hope very much that the people who saw how little children collected the bottles left by them from various drinks, cigarette butts and packets will be very ashamed of it. Why spoil the beauty that nature gives us? Imagine if one day you wake up and there will not be green trees in the streets, there will be mountains of garbage around, all the sky will turn grey, will be no more flowers that are beautiful, will be nowhere else to go to relax and enjoy the scenery of nature. Why do we destroy our native land? It is necessary to think about the future generations and that we will leave them.
Every year on our planet becomes more and more people who want to live better. Humanitycannot exist without the animate nature. I think that it is necessary to save the planet.
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