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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Vulcanesti, Gagauzia, Moldova

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Vulcanesti, Gagauzia, Moldova
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Alina Serdicenco

Registered: December 2016
City/Town/Province: Vulcanesti Gagauzia
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'' Man is rain weather facts that cutreer? kernel, leaving behind damage or blowing beauty of life. "
Everywhere man walking in step with nature, being part of acesteia.In course of many centuries, mankind has caused the need for the development of supply and habitat in a larger volume thus became equivalent to the true nature bog??ii.O inexhaustible source of raw materials and food. The fruit of life and the very air human nature and this shows the estimated value of all mankind. Echo wandered over the universe and earthlings exposed as the most natural and tenderness wing miracles. For every moment creates a spectacle earthly nature, rife-roots and attaching to the ground like a true warrior of reality.
Current environmental crisis itentioneaz? by increasingly numerous signals with social narrative, such as industrialization irrational, in consequence follows deforestation, reducing sources of raw materials and food, the emergence of numerous diseases caused by environmental degradation (water, air, etc.).
Information in an era of globalization and sustainable development of society these problems can not be ocolite.Astfel have created various organizations that fight environmental destruction and pollution. Hundreds of years would be necessary to restore the ecology in good condition. But still step by step, action by action becomes cleaner environment.
Such actions were performed by students of the Lyceum No. 2 or .Vulcanesti who have formed an initiative group impliment some successful projects throughout the city. For example river sanitation project Cahul held this year gathered over 200 young people, natives of the city and local council workers have VULCANESTI. During the few days 9th grade students being supported by civic education teacher, Tatiana Cazanji, knocked on the door several houses inviting natives sanitation city one day. Such action caused the interest of many young people who have come with joy to solving this problem. On the day established with the support and help of City Hall, neighbors and teachers and students rivulets Lyceum No. 2 as a pure note of happiness and goodness rivulet banks Cahul has uncovered waste, stones and dry branches that prevented water runoff. Today with a bit of pride and fame of high school students I step River bridge and collecting waste papers which were brought by the wind, thus promoting a permanent activism.
Another successful project is entitled "A Rose in but" The purpose of the project was to love neighbor slips beautiful .Thus, just in a few days, the desire of students to commit this project approached many young people of different ages. They were involved in the project many teachers of high school who is also director Sergei Chilimicenco that ensured students several species of roses. Clumbele school currently home to over 50 roses planted by the pupils of V, VI and X has.
Such an important activity in high school was spent in the civic education classes hours 6th and 12th. 12th grade students demonstrated 6th grade students planting a tree properly. Children brought in their own courts chrysanthemums and some trees through a mutual help between classes were planted both within the school and out of school. The children's joy knew no limits, they have made friends printer, already practically high school graduates have led several discussions on the ecology, they joked and received great pleasure planting trees and flowers.
High School No. 2 is an example of an educational institution where teachers are constantly practice activit??i.Pentru many environmentally themed activities are a way to build the heart and soul of our children love the environment and nature. Thus highlighting the need attending high school classes optional for development as an active citizen of contemporary society. Among school subjects is offered a special discipline of biology studying the current situation of the ecology of the entire earth. During given department organizes various tours in forests and nature reserves with the aim of demonstrating students need to preserve nature. Environmental education is also reflected in primary school where children have the opportunity to plant a flower, to do a little house birds or caring for trees. In view of these actions teacher educates a child responsible and loving environment that surrounds him.
High school in three years Collection houses over 8 projects including Much is already exposed fruit. Among these we can highlight: school sanitation territory, rivulet Cahul and Central Park. Planting trees in the school park, the creation of u
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Hours Volunteered: 100
Volunteers: 10
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 16
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