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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Sarkan, Kazakhstan

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Sarkan, Kazakhstan
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Registered: December 2016
City/Town/Province: Sarkan
Posts: 2
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Would you like to know what kinol of house do we live in the Earth our house, where we get the air we breath, water we drink and land we walk on It feeds us but many people are completely mired in their work that they dont see anything else. Although, it is time to open our eyes and see that our home is close to collapse. And nobody is gilty but, eack of us. 40% people die becouse of pollution of environment in the wold. Especially water, soil, and air. Everybody suffers becouse of environmental pollution.
My friends and we are working at the project "minus the batery plus a hedgehog" whole year. As it turned out not many of us know that it is necessary about of hedgehog twenty sguare meters of land for existence such territory is necessary for exposing of infection when recycling single battery
Nowadays batteries have made human`s life comfortable and in many cases have become indispensable. Children`s toys clocks, control panels, mobile phones and many other goods. Working on batteries or accumulators. And few people think abut threat to the comfort of all of our lifes and for whole world.
The aim of our project is tald to aduets and children about dangerous of batteries they are used i everyday in our life, this guestions worries many people becouse home of us know the answer to the guestion where send unnecssary battery by in habitants of our small twon, not thinking discarded batteries garbage container or burning it is very dangerous.
In this case, our school team organized an action to explain the dangers woong of recycling batteries. Many people have leaned about it for the first time. And this is not surprising, becouse 95%of their population of our planet the battaries into the garbage a backet then we prepared containers for used battaries and we gave sweet.
Everyone tied to bring as much as possible batteries therre are pictures with hang on the doors of every classrooms the youngers were the most active they attracted parents relatives to this actions. During our actions the collected 1800 batteries we put them in a plastic bottle and prepare them for recycling. The batteries very harmfeel you should pass them to another person. Some words abut battaries about two to three years ago the battaries were no cheap as they are now.
Not many people know about existens of electronic toys and the bought battaries very seldom.
I decided to conduct small survey at the svy grandfather asked it to answer a question: what objects worked at batteries in due time? He could call only &#1085;&#1077;&#1089;&#1082;&#1086;&#1083;&#1100;&#1082;&#1086;&#1075;: small lamp, radio transistor, PORTABLE TAPE RECORDER. BATTERIES THEN were MADE In a SMALL amount therefore about harm of such sources of energies practical no who thought...
The fact that I received from this project: This project gave me the chance to work in a kachestvechlen of team, and also and his leader. Wash management tnavyk considerably improved. You will not believe, but earlier before stepping on the stage, at &#1084;&#1072;&#1077;&#1085;&#1103; there was a fear. Thanks to this project I could overcome this fear, and also improve my skills public a performance. And, on the end, I took pride that we were engaged in larger business for a surrounding medium and society. And not only I took pride, but also sama little participants rejoiced to the fact that they save hedgehogs. I decided to interview my grandfather and asked him a question: What kind of things worked with the power of batteries? He could remember only several things: small lamp, radio transistor, portable tape recorder. Those times batteries produced in a small amount. People knew nothing about the harm of such sources of energy. What did I get from the project? This project gave me the chance to work as a member of the team and even as its leader. My skills as the leader have really improved.
You will not believe, but earlier before stepping on the stage, I had a fear. Thanks to this project, I could overcome this fear and now I can easily appear before the public.
I was proud that we were engaged and took part at such wonderful project, which protects the environment and society. Looking at the eyes of our little participants, I could see that they were also proud. They were glad that they are saving the hedgehogs.
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Hours Volunteered: 68
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Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 13-14
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