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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Lake Hefner, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Lake Hefner, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
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Registered: February 2007
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The following Nicodemus Wilderness Project volunteers were also a part of the OCCC Pro-Teen group.

The following essay was authored by Diedre.

Life is valuable and we need to learn how to preserve and protect it. One way is to control liter. My name is Deidre, age 13, and our Pro-Teen picked up trash at Lake Hefner located in Oklahoma City. We saw a few animals like ducks, frogs, crawdads, and large swarms of bugs! We picked up over nine bags of trash, and what we saw was worth it. We saw a duck that had what we thought was a broken leg and one with its beak broken off! It made my heart ache and I felt awful, I wanted to cry but I bit back the tears and thought I have to help it and we did, by picking up litter. We were armed with gloves, trash bags, and sunscreen. Our bags were filled with disgusting items like aluminum, glass, and plastic cans and/or bottles that were still filled with soda or something else that I couldn’t identify. I liked this project, because it helped everything by cleaning the environment.

The following essay was authored by Johnathan.

My pro-teens pals and I from OKCCC picked up trash this last Monday. It was about 105 degrees outside at Lake Hefner and we pick up about half of a 35 gallon bag of trash each. We picked up the litter because we wanted to help trees, plants, animals, and the lake. Some of the activities at Lake Hefner that we helped protect are picnics, fishing, playing in the playground, soccer, softball, or golf, bicycle trails, and jogging around the park. There were also pretty interesting animals. We saw tiny frogs, a crawfish, ducks, lots of bugs, and a spider. I felt very good and happy to help all the animals that live there and the trees.

We picked up some glass bottles, smoke packages, candy wrappers, and cans. I think we should get more trash cans around the park and also get more people volunteering to pick up litter to help our environment. This project was a wonderful experience, and I hope people will learn how bad littering is. Also I hope our environment will be much better in the future and I hope I will do the cleaning project again.

The following essay was authored by Nicholas.

This past Monday our group Oklahoma City, Community College Pro-Teens went to Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City. We picked up a lot of trash like glass bottles, soda bottles, and candy wrappers. We saw a variety of animals like ducks, frogs, and we saw a crawfish. The insects at the park did like us, but we hated them. We were struggling because it was so hot but we saw a hurt duck and that inspired us to keep working hard. We called the animal department to come and help the duck and they said they would if they could catch it. This inspired me to maybe do this again and for other people do the same because maybe the duck got its leg caught in some trash. Most of the trash was found by the shoreline. We picked up about 7 trash bags all of them half full.

Lake Hefner is considered one of Oklahoma City's favorite parks. Hefner is always full of people out and about. There are playgrounds, picnic tables, soccer and softball. There are also a lot of boats on the lake, mainly sail boats; this is because motor boats are illegal at Lake Hefner. I think other kids should help clean up a community because it will make you feel good that you are doing something good for the community and you are helping wildlife at the same time.

The following essay was authored by Sidney.

We started out our day at Hefner ready to go with gloves, 35 gallon plastic bags, water, shade, friends, sunscreen, and bug spray. So we headed down to the shoreline to get some trash. While we picked up trash we encountered some wildlife such as ducks a crawdad, a frog, and a stork. We even encountered a duck with a wounded leg.

Lake Hefner is a beautiful place plentiful with vegetation. Even though it was a blistering 105 we still went on with a break here and there. We picked up glass bottles, cans, cups, and I picked up a rag. It was a wonderful experience but, I think it would help if people could have more respect for our wildlife.

The following essay was authored by Tanner.

I think picking up trash helps nature because without plants and animals we would not be able to live. We saw some interesting animals like crawdads, birds, and ducks .The reason why we did this is to help make a better place for the animals and so that Lake Hefner would not get polluted by trash. One of the more popular things to do at Lake Hefner is jog, walk or bike. The Lake Hefner trails trace the entire lake and stretch just over nine miles in total. They are 12ft wide and asphalt, and the east side of the lake also contains some 6ft wide trails specifically for pedestrians. People usually go to ride bikes, jog, and watch the colorful sailboats go by. We went to help pick up litter along the shoreline. We saw some interesting animals like crawdads, birds, and ducks. I felt good about doing this for my community and helping animals and plants at the lake. I picked up glass bottles, cans, plastic bags, a rubber ring, and Styrofoam cups .my friend and I filled a 35 gallon trash bag about ¾ full.
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Hours Volunteered: 25
Volunteers: 5
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 12 to 13
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 2
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 50
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