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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Letang, Morang, Kathmandu, Nepal

Letang, Morang, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Registered: October 2014
City/Town/Province: Kathmandu
Posts: 1
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Earth being home to 7 billion people serves almost everything to fulfill humans need. But human are either unawared or ignorant of the serious harm caused to the environment by their activities. A significant change in the daily lifestyle of individual is required in order to attain clean and sustainable environment. Among all the possible solution, self-realization and self-initiation is the permanent measure to this global problem.
As being an environment enthusiast, I thought that I should be the one to organize advocacy program and spread awareness and encouragement towards the public in order to achieve clean and green environment. So I decided to dedicate myself throughout the society by involving community and school level students in various activities.
To being with I started awareness campaign at different schools of rural areas. In the month of January I carried a 3 day long program at various schools in Letang V.D.C of Morang district, which is one of the rural area of Nepal.The campaign consisted program ranging from creative competitions school cleaning to documentary show and discussion session. For junior students art competition was organized, with theme being as environment which helped me to increase their curiosity and interest towards environment. For seniors essay and debate competition was rganized which required them to do research about the existing problem and solution regarding environment in their community. In addition to that a meeting was held with the nature club of the school to know about their progress and problem during the course of environment conservation. A brief awarebness program was also organized to the senior students suggesting them about the local ways to manage their environment. Inorder to encourage the students, I was also involved in the school cleaning programs along with some other students. At the closing ceremony various toolkits and resources materials along with tree saplings were distributed to the school.
At the same time I also focused on the community level. In the same district, I with some of my friends distributed saplings of various tree to be planted at the barren land. This activity helped me to explain the importance of sustainable environment and the role we all should be playing. The villagers did not just only planted trees but also discussed with me and my friends about the environmental conservation in their areas and ways to conserve it more efficiently.
In the following months of the year I conducted awareness program at numerous school of the Kathmandu valley. As students in this area had some knowledge on environmental issues I decided to carry out research on their knowledge and their efforts towards sustainable environment through questioner session. After carrying out th session in various school, I found out that students had knowledge but failed on implementations. So, I talked with the students and discussed and encourages them about conserving environment through various methods. I even encouraged the teachers and high level authority of the school to help and assist the student in different environment related activities.
Apart from these, I was heavily involved in Media awareness too. As being the Tunza Eco-generation regional ambassador to Nepal, I posted numerous articles on environment issues around my locality and shared it with other environment lovers around the world. The platform was very useful as we discussed a lot regarding nature and I aware many people through my post and I also encouraged others activities aimed to care mother earth.
A lot was achieved this year and I was able to change the mindset of many people. I am continuing my activities and have been receiving a lot of suggestions and inquiries about my work. I have been in touch with the students and the villagers I worked with. I am giving them suggestions and encouraging them to continue with their efforts and tracking down their progress. The feeling giving something back to the community and country has lead me up to this state and I further want to contribute my efforts for the betterment of the world as a whole.I know that this is a beginning step in order to to save environment and I am determined to continue it in the further days to come. I am sure that I along with all other members can together achieve a sustainable environment.
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Hours Volunteered: 102
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Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 18 & 16 to 18
Native Trees Planted: 120
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