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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Registered: February 2007
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The area where we completed our cleanup is called Mt. Charleston. Actually it is right near it. Off of the interstate 95 onto the exit to Mt. Charleston, about three miles up the road. It is a very desert-like atmosphere, there is some trash that has been accumulated throughout from passing cars.

Some interesting plants and animals seen were lots of cacti, first of all. But, there were many little gecko type animals, and I actually saw a snake slither by. There were very pretty plants all around, most looked like desert landscaping, however, but I do not know the name of them. There were many lizards seen running about, and I actually saw a jack rabbit or two. It was a really interesting sight.

The type of litter picked up was mainly trash thrown from cars. There were some fast food bags, some plastic cups, etc. There were a few tumble weeds as well that we picked up and added to our trash pile. Mostly, however, it was trash from passing cars. There wasn't that much, which is a good thing, however there was enough to be seen with a naked eye, and just enough to make the area not as aesthetically pleasing as it should be. All in all we ended up collecting about eight big trash bags full of litter.

I felt very satisfied with conducting my own clean up project. Though there were only two of us, I felt as though we made a difference on some small aspect. There was just enough trash that we were able to see a difference in the before and after of our actions. We really felt like we made a difference, if even only cleaning up a little, because when we were cleaning up a lot of cars passed by us and observed what we were doing. If only one of those cars can become inspired by our actions, it is completely worth it. Besides the fact that we did clean up, if our behavior rubs off onto other it will be that much more rewarding.

How to reduce the litter problem is mainly through education. If those people that observed us saw the sign that we had put up, expressing where to find out more info (, and actively pursued learning more that would definitely make a difference. Hopefully they would be inspired to start their own cleanup relief, and it will spread like wildfire. Only through education can one understand what this is all about, and only through understanding can it have a lasting effect.

I feel it is important to take care of the area near the base of Mt. Charleston because there are many cars that pass by there everyday. It says a lot about a place if it is aesthetically pleasing. By keeping this area clean the wildlife can flourish as well. There were many interesting animals observed out there, hopefully by removing some of the litter we removed some of the dangers that they have to face, i.e. ingesting plastic, etc.

The Apprentice Ecologist Initiative is a wonderful idea for those who want to help in their community, however cannot commit to so many hours per week, or cannot commit to the hours of a particular group. The nice thing about it is you can organize your own group, and go wherever you feel it is necessary. This way you can enjoy yourself with some good friends, while making a difference in the community, and hopefully the world.
Date: March 14, 2007 Views: 9220 File size: 37.6kb : 350 x 263
Hours Volunteered: 10
Volunteers: 2
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 22 to 23
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 1
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 25
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