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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Historic District, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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Historic District, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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Registered: November 2014
City/Town/Province: Phoenix
Posts: 1
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30 November 2014

Being a tree hugger these days can mean so many things. I consider myself one, and it would be great if more people could jump into saving the world. My name is Yadira and in my junior year of high school I learned how much we are damaging our world. I wanted to join the Nicodemus Wilderness Project because I believe that every single hand that helps can create a movement towards a healthy planet. The project I decided to pursue was improving awareness of renewable energy sources. I decided to make a flyer that could be distributed to as many houses as possible. I decided the flyer had to be something attractive to the eye and easy to read, because we all know that finding a long letter in the mail is a hassle to read. After photocopying my flyer, I spent hours walking the neighborhood around my school. I mostly put the flyer inside their mailbox, but there were a few instances where I would encounter the owners of the home to be outside on their porches. It was fun when I got to talk to some of these families about alternative energy sources for their homes. The area was perfect because it was a decently nice area where I could tell that the neighborhood would be interested in pursuing and supporting (donating) renewable energy sources.
I would say that many adults are not concerned with how they can help the planet. But, if the information is given to them, they can actually put an effort if they know how cheap and easy it really is. Adults nowadays don’t have the time to research the newest technologies. It isn’t that people don’t want to help, its simply that no one has the time anymore. If I can get more people on board for saving the world their own way, it can really make a change. It won’t just help this community and the people who live there, but it can also help me. I loved knowing that I put effort towards helping the planet, and I learned I want to continue in the fight against global warming. I want to live a life where I can leave the smallest global footprint, and help others in doing the same. My future is now open to choices that I might not have made otherwise, ones where I understand what is best for future generations, decisions that can create a sustainable planet.
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