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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Mississippi River, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Mississippi River, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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Registered: February 2007
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This environmental cleanup project was completed as part of the Apprentice Ecologist™ Initiative! These volunteers were also students at Minnehaha Academy.

The following Nicodemus Wilderness Project volunteers conducted this cleanup project in July 2006: Andrea, Fiona, Laurel, Olivia, Sarah, Taylor, and Tony.

The following reaction essay was authored by Andrea.

Pollution I found

1-million cigarette butts, 15- plastic bags, 6- straws, 2-newspapers, 7-cans, 15- bottles (glass or plastic), 7- bike tires, 1- caution sign, 1-sock, 1- firework, 4- plates, 1- bottle cap, 1-chap stick, 1- comb, 1-wire, 3-bags of skittles, 1- baseball, 1- piece of cloth, 1- milk jug, 1- box of cocoa

My Reaction: My reaction to all this trash was Wow!!!!!!! This is one of the places I would want to take my shoes off and walk along the beach. I also might want to also swim. The trash also depressed me. It made me think how could people use so much trash and not pick it up.

The following reaction essay was authored by Fiona.

Pollution list

Innumerable cigarette butts, Camel cigarette pack, 7 cans of sierra mist, 3 water bottles, 4 beer tops, Bike tires, Red bull beer can, Candy wrappers, Glass, 2 corncobs, A pen , Dog toy, Charcoal, Plastic coffee tops, Tin cans burnt construction stuff, A sock, Fireworks, Rope, Spray paint cans, Cardboard, Nails, Straw, Trident gum wrapper, Deflated balloons, Popsicle sticks, Peanut shells, DQ spoon, Arby’s sauce wrapper, Wire, Plastic baggie, Snickers wrapper, Skittles wrapper, Plastic disposable plate, Plastic wrap, Gum wrappers , Yogurt wrapper, Dead fish, Lighter, A glove, Styrofoam, Paper cup, Candy wrappers, Water bottle wrapper, Beer bottle bottom, Plastic packing peanuts, Foam pad, Autographed baseball, Feathers, Plastic bag, Fishing bobber, Bottle top, Aluminum foil, Paper bag handle, Plastic fruit cup, Pencil, 3 musketeers, Barcode, Orange plastic, Beads

My Reaction

I really do not like how bad this was. There was garbage EVERYWHERE!
Some of it was from storm drains, but a lot of it was from picnickers. There was also some really weird stuff. I mean, an Autographed baseball. That is a very weird thing to find down by the Mississippi river. I think that we are not doing a very good job of taking care of our earth. Let’s do better from now on, shall we.

The following reaction essay was authored by Laurel.

Mississippi River Pollution Observation
Spot 1:

Cigarette Butts (lots), Straws, Trident Gum Package, Pop Cans, Bike Tires, Sock , Firework , Water Bottle, Bottle Caps, ChapStick, Corn Cobs, Plastic Bags, Broken Glass, Dasani Wrapper, Red Bull Can, Caution Sign, Peanut Shells, Styrofoam Plate, Propel Bottle, Candy, Plastic

Wow! There is a lot of trash. It made me wonder how it got there and why people would do that stuff. I hope that people will be aware of what they are doing.

Spot 2:

Balloon, Sauce Wrapper, Styrofoam Cup , Applesauce Cup, Broken Glass, Tootsie Roll Wrapper, Pen Cap, Candy Wrapper, Fishing Bobber, Tin Foil, Can , Plastic Bag , Cigarette Butts, Bottle Caps, Air Head Wrapper, Gardening Glove, Autographed Baseball

How can people do this? Back at the first spot I saw a dead fish in the river. The pollution in the water probably killed it. That is bad!

The following reaction essay was authored by Olivia.

Pollution I Found

Pop cans, Straws, Lighters, Dog toy, Pens, Plastic spoons, Water bottles, Dog collar, Paper, Candy wrappers, Paper plates, Food wrappers, Gum wrappers

My Reaction
When I saw all the litter I didn’t get why people can’t take care of garbage instead of throwing it on the ground! I mean, there is no problem with stuffing it in your pocket until you get to a garbage can, right? When you throw something on the ground you make yourself feel guilty about it. So don’t do it anyway!
When I walk into a public area, like anybody else I want to see only a few wrappers, or even better, none at all! Not hundreds of papers, water bottles, and lighters!
But I was glad that we could help pick up.

The following reaction essay was authored by Sarah.

What I found:

Plastic bags , Wrappers , CIGARETTE BUTTS (a lot), Pens, Napkins, Pop Cans , Plastic Bottles, Spray Cans, Rubber, Bike Tires, Caution Sign , Charcoal, Socks, Fire Works, Styrofoam Plates, Bottle and Beer Caps, Candy, Food , Duck Tape, Glass, Plastic , Styrofoam , Comb, Brush, Gum Container , Spoon, Balloons , Wire, Beer Cans, Metal , Paper Cups, Glove, Baseball , Fishing Line, Bobbers, Dog Collar, Chapstick

My Reactions:

I was surprised at how much trash was down by the river. I was more surprised when I found kid combs and brushes, burned up bike tires, a baseball, and a gardening glove.
There were a lot of cigarette butts and that made me upset because if cigarettes are deadly for us they are deadly for the water and the animals.
I think that if we all work together we can clean up all the pollution.

The following reaction essay was authored by Taylor.


Cigarette butts, Plastic bags , Candy wrappers, Pens, Straws, Shards of glass, Cans, Newspaper, Spray paint cans, Bike tires, Caution sign, Socks , Peanut shells, Fireworks, Styrofoam plate, Water bottle, Chapstick, Comb, Wire, Milk jug, Baseball, Car Tire, Potato chip bag, Fishing line


Wow. All this trash is amazing. It’s awful to think that people can just leave all that stuff outside and walk away. Don’t we have any respect for the earth anymore? It makes me sad to think that this is how we treat Mother Nature. That beach could be such a beautiful place. I want to take off my shoes and take a long walk in the sand. But at the same time I don’t. All those cigarette butts ruin it. Who wants to walk along a beach full of trash? It felt so good to clean it up. Hopefully some people will get a chance to enjoy it more than we did. Maybe one day we won’t have pollution and litter like that and we can all enjoy the beach.

The following reaction essay was authored by Tony.

Pollution I Found:

Pop Cans, Cigarette Butts, Beer Cans, Wrappers, Cigarette Cases, Lighters, Corn Cobs, Chapstick, Spray Paint Cans, Dog Toys, Styrofoam Cups

My Reaction:

I don’t know why people are trying to kill their own planet and home. Maybe if we don’t litter and we pick up the trash, we might have a clean planet.
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Hours Volunteered: 35
Volunteers: 7
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 10 to 13
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 2
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 50
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