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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Folsom Lake SRA & Martha Riley Community Library, California, USA

Folsom Lake SRA & Martha Riley Community Library, California, USA
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Registered: June 2014
City/Town/Province: Granite Bay
Posts: 2
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From cleaning the Folsom Lake to spreading awareness of our threatened planet to young children, the weekend of April 26th to April 27th was an eventful weekend in bringing about a greener environment. Throughout my conservation weekend, I gained leadership skills and saw the impact I made first hand. Originally, I planned on just having a trash clean up at Folsom Lake, but a second opportunity came about as well, which was the opportunity to participate in an Earth Day puppet show. This green weekend made a positive difference to the planet while creating a lasting impression on the children in the community about conservation.
On Saturday, April 26th, I coordinated a Granite Bay High School Key Club event at Folsom Lake. Despite having a relatively small turnout, we were a successful group in helping to clean up Folsom Lake. In the process, I also learned much about the environment. In the year of 2014, Folsom Lake reached an astonishing low level. In January of 2014, the lake was only 17 percent full to its capacity, while it had been 97 percent full just a few years prior. Because the lake was so low, remains of the Mormon Islands and Gold Rush towns were uncovered. On top of the low water levels due to the severe drought, I felt disheartened seeing all the trash and pollution at the lake. It was clear action was needed, so I planned to hold a Key Club event to come help clean around the lake. Even though only a few people got involved, we were able to remove around 100 pounds of trash from the lake. The lake had it all including towels, wine bottles, diapers, and more! It is rewarding to know that we made the lake a greener place and the fish and wildlife will live healthier, cleaner lives. In the process, I developed leadership skills and learned about organizing a volunteer event. We all have the power to make change one step at a time by simply taking action.
Following the clean up, on Sunday, April 27th I took part in a puppet show during the Earth Day Festival at the Martha Riley Community Center. The puppet show was run by the Teen Library Council, a leadership council that is involved in the community and the Roseville Public Libraries. Furthermore, I was among the five Teen Library Council members who helped build the stage and participate in the show. The Big Bad Shark and The Great Kapok Tree were the two plays we performed in front of over 100 children which focused on nature and the vital message of conservation and helping the planet. For example, the impactful story, The Great Kapok Tree was about a man who wanted to chop down the great Kapok Tree, which was home to a melange of forrest animals. However, the forrest animals and a young boy took action to prevent the tree from being cut down. Unfortunately, each year our forests are threatened by people who cut down the planet's forests without responsibly replacing them. Deforestation has caused the Earth to lose approximately 50 percent of its forests. This story has several messages including the importance of preserving our trees. This puppet show illustrates to children how trees are crucial to wildlife and are the homes of countless species. Another important message of this story is anyone can take a stand to help preserve the rain forests and the environment, just as the forrest animals and the young boy did. It is wonderful knowing that I got to provide entertainment to the children of my community while teaching them the necessity of being cognizant of our planet. Also, we demonstrated that they do have the power to make a positive difference to the environment. This was a meaningful day because I got to see and inspire others to be environmental stewards.
Both the Folsom Lake Clean Up and the Teen Library Council puppet show were impactful events in making the world a greener place and educating others to take positive action towards the planet. After taking action, it is great knowing that the world will be a cleaner, greener place. Anyone can do their part, whether great or small, to make an impact on our planet.

*Below are only results from the Folsom Lake Clean Up.
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