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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Pendleton, Oregon, USA

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Pendleton, Oregon, USA


Registered: December 2013
City/Town/Province: Pendleton
Posts: 1
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I come from an average, middle class family who does whatever we can to help the environment. I am also an active Girl Scout, and have participated in events such as Earth day and troop projects that revolve around helping the environment. Through my family and Girl Scouts I have become increasingly aware of the environment and the impact people have, good and bad, based on their actions. From that awareness came my project, a neighborhood recycling program. I live in a neighborhood not too far from the small town of Pendleton, Oregon of which recycling is not vigorously promoted. My community does not have a recycling service other than a center with bins, and there are not any Green clubs at school or in the community to be of service. My family members are avid recyclers, which I also developed and so I decided to get my neighborhood involved in recycling as well. Protecting the environment is important to me and I wanted to pass that ideology on to others. There is only one Earth, and it must be cared for by everyone for future generations of people, animals, and plants.

I have complete responsibility of this program, so I must put in an average of about four hours every other weekend. This involves calling or emailing every neighbor who has decided to be involved to remind them that recycling is that weekend, picking up all the materials from each house, transporting everything to the local recycling center, and sorting everything into their respective bins, no matter the time of year or weather. I must also stay updated on what the recycling center will accept, as they are gradually improving the list of materials they take, and inform all of my neighbors of any changes that are made. When I first started my program I also educated my neighbors on the topics of recycling and protecting the environment, which I still do as people occasionally move to our neighborhood. With my program, I taught my neighbors, from young children to the elderly, the importance of recycling and of all the different items that can be recycled instead of wasted. Recycling has been implemented into their daily lives and I have been able to help others. Additionally, thirteen households have kept recyclable material out of landfills, therefore helping our local environment. My local environment is important to protect as it affects everything and everyone from the local farmers to the families to the native plants and animals. It is important to take care of my local environment as the plants and animals maintain the balance of delicate ecosystems in Northeastern Oregon, and unfortunately, some species are in danger of extinction. This has been caused by people and itís up to us to prevent it as much as possible through various methods such as reducing the pollution we produce, which is what my project focuses on. One small part of Oregon can affect the whole state, then the whole country, and eventually the world, and if everyone were to do their part, Earth would be a better place for every living creature.

By maintaining this three year project, Iíve developed many skills and learned various lessons. With my program, I have developed communication skills and calling etiquette through choosing to call or email all of my neighbors to remind them about recycling that weekend. In addition, I have developed leadership skills and the responsibility that comes with it as I am in charge of the whole program and must keep everything involving the program up to date and in line. Lastly, I have learned more about the importance of protecting the environment and recycling through my experience with the program.

I hope that with having a variety of people involved, that the word will spread of how recycling does make a difference and that young people especially, will take action and learn as I have with my program. I hope my neighbors will continue recycling, and will pass this on to their friends and family so that the amount of people involved increases. I will continue to recycle, as well as continue to implement recycling into the lives of others as I move through the various stages of my life, from college and beyond.
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