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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Boston Common, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston Common, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Registered: February 2007
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The area I did my cleanup was at a park called Boston Common. I went in December with a friend. It was during the winter, so it was freezing cold and almost everything was covered in snow. On my trip, there was not much plants or animals around because most of the grass was buried from the snow and nearly everything flew south for the winter. I only saw a couple of trees that were bare and a few pigeons and chickadees. The litter that was around was things like cigarette buds, plastic bags, and mostly wrappers, gum, soda cans and bottles. All of these things can be very harmful to the environment. For instance, if a bird that was looking for food consumed something like a cigarette bud or a soda cap, that would not be very healthy for them, in fact they might die from it. There was also a lot of gum all over the park, gum was on ground, and gum was even on the benches, it was everywhere. I liked having my own cleanup project because I thought it was a fun learning experience for me. Even though I come to Boston Common pretty often, I observed some new things that I was never aware of before. It also made me feel good about taking care of the environment because I knew I would be helping the environment be a much better place.

While I was cleaning the park, what really disappointed me was that there were trashcans, and yet there was still litter on the ground. It was not a
huge park and I saw that there was at least one trashcan on every corner. I was shocked to see trash near the trashcans and that people could not walk two feet to throw something away. Having trashcans almost everywhere seems like the easiest and the only way to get people to stop littering and now we have that, it was really upsetting that people keep on throwing trash on the ground.

I picked Boston Common because to me, it was important to keep it clean. Boston Common was a place I go to frequently with my family and friends. In the summer we would feed bread and cereal to all the ducks and ducklings while we ride on the Duck Tour. In autumn, we would all watch as the leaves changed into magnificent colors. In the winter everyone looked forward to ice skating at Frog Pond. At the beginning of the year people would carve all kinds of ice sculptures and it was a beautiful sight at night. I thought it was important to keep it as clean as possible because I want future generations to be able to experience and enjoy all the things I mentioned.

Even though I feel I did not help out much, I knew it was a start for taking care of the environment. Because of the Apprentice Ecologist Initiative, everyone cleans up little by little everywhere and that could accomplish a lot for the environment. Cleaning up the park showed me that it is important to keep places cleaner. It also taught me not to leave any litter around because any trash including a tiny wrapper just takes the beauty away from anything, especially nature.
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