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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Madison County, Royston, Georgia, USA

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Madison County, Royston, Georgia, USA
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Registered: December 2012
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Wake up in the morning. Go turn the water on to take a shower. This is most of our daily routines. We do not think about what resources we use. However, we are here to make sure it is taken care of, while at the same time we are to use it wisely. Stewardship is defined by Webster’s as “The individual’s responsibility to manage his life and property with proper regard to the rights of others.” We are the stewards. I have embarked upon a project of stewardship. You can see this through my background, project, and the knowledge I have gained.
A little background on myself will show why I care about my environment. I live on a small family farm. We have cows, typically our herd is around 60-80 head. These animals drink a lot of water. Therefore I know the importance of conservation. The area I live in is also very agricultural. We have many chicken houses, fields for hay, and plenty of cows. This allows for a lot of ecology. The reason I am doing this project about water conservation is to promote stewardship. Currently, my area is in a record drought. Water is precious. Another reason I am doing this is to help my family. With a background that allows me to see different ecology, I am set up for a project that will be successful.
Water is a necessity. My project envelopes this necessity and the conservation of it. Ever since the spring I have been working on conservation efforts. The first act was for our cattle. My grandfather, aided by the extension agent of our area, and I installed 2 watering troughs, fed by a well. This was difficult work, which took about a month to complete. The next step of my project was to help him mount watering tanks on wooden posts so that he could use rain water to fill his pasture sprayer without having to use valuable the ground water. The next step was to mount tanks at my house. The tanks at my house will serve as water collectors to water our garden and the trees that line our driveway. My project envelops more than just a problem.
Another aspect of my project is knowledge. Two reasons I am conducting this project is to gain knowledge and to pass that knowledge on. My grandfather passed his knowledge on to me, and I hope to do the same by teaching my brother and sister. This is a generational aspect to my project. This project has enriched my life through wisdom and greater thought about the environment. Through knowledge we can be masters of much.
Knowledge is power. Through the knowledge I have gained during my project, I can be a better steward. This was my main goal in conducting the project. With water always being a necessity, its conservation is extremely important. Understanding how to conserve it is the first step in being a good steward of this vital resource.
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