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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Pie Ranch, Pescadero, California, USA

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Pie Ranch, Pescadero, California, USA
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Registered: December 2012
Posts: 1
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I have a passion and interest for organic food and sustainable agriculture, both of which are key aspects of environmental sustainability. I'm concerned by the fact that many people don't really know where their food comes from, whether or not the source is environmentally responsible, nor how much it is handled before it reaches the supermarket, and ultimately, their refrigerators.

In addition to my interests and concerns about environmentally friendly farming, I have a hobby of maintaining an extensive organic garden with my dad. This has fed my love for growing things, as well as having developed a greater connection with the food I'm eating. I wanted to share my passion with the community, and Pie Ranch, a non-profit organic farm in Pescadero CA, was my perfect opportunity to do just that. In addition to the community-oriented aspect of my work, I was able to benefit the farm itself with my labors and care.

I have grown by carrying out many of the arrangements, preparations, and actions on my own. This included contacting the farm and arranging my service, driving to the farm with my camping gear, and living on the property while performing my duties. In addition to my labors, I also led some of the activities on the community workdays, where the public is allowed to visit the farm and volunteer for various activities such as weeding or egg-harvesting. This served as an opportunity to talk to volunteers about Pie Ranch and teach them about the important role that small and/or family-owned farms play in the community.

I have learned so much about ranch maintenance and the extent of care and attention that it needs in order to function. This ranged from learning the proper method of harvesting to milking a goat (which I certainly didn't expect!). I saw and experienced the amount of labor that it took to bring that organic food to the public, and it really caused me to have compassion for those who labor hour after hour in the fields off of HWY 1 to bring that food to us.

My involvement with Pie Ranch has inspired me to continue my work with small organic farms. I am currently leading a project with ALBA, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable agriculture to low-income families. I am planning volunteer days with my Environmental Science class that will involve education regarding the different aspects of sustainable farms.

I can now teach others to appreciate the work of our small farms and how important it is to support them, from volunteering to simply shopping at a farmer’s market- and not forgetting to thank them!
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