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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - David Thompson Secondary School, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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David Thompson Secondary School, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Registered: October 2012
City/Town/Province: Vancouver
Posts: 1
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When I was in grade ten, I had the opportunity to join my school’s newly formed Green Team. The Green Team had arisen after the Vancouver School Board donated an industrial composter called the earth tub to our school. Because of this one of our school’s administrators created the Green Team to be a group of students to facilitate the beginning of a compost system in the school.

Along with the rest of Green Team, I organized and implemented a plan for the use of our earth tub. We used started off using blue recycle boxes as compost bins in the cafeteria kitchen and seating area. To introduce the student body to these bins and their use, the Green Team held an event call Sustainability Week. During this event we set up carnival booths in the foyer with games such as Jeopardy to promote sustainability and being green. I was in charge of the planning, set up and running of the Jeopardy booth. Students could win tickets to the Sustainability Week draw prize by answering questions about composting, zero waste lunches and other ‘green’ topics. During that week we also had a compost tax on cafeteria food, where students paid $0.25 more for their meal, which they received back if they composted their plate.

Since my grade ten year our compost system has greatly improved. We have large green bins labeled with appropriate compostable materials throughout the main floor of the school, we have added a vermi-compost to our system to ensure the waste completely breaks down, and we now collect compost every day. Along with the rest of Green Team, I have collected compost after school, helped mix the compost in the earth tub and shoveled compost from the earth tub to the vermi-compost. I have co-planned other Green Team events and created workshops to introduce elementary schools to composting. Through these various events, my school has become much more environmentally friendly. Along with the Green Team I continue to work towards making my school and the great community more-so as well.
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