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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - El Cerrito, California, USA

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El Cerrito, California, USA


Registered: July 2012
City/Town/Province: El Cerrito
Posts: 1
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I started to support my environment because I read a story in class about kids in Sweden making money for the rainforest after they heard about how fast the rainforest was getting cut down. After that my friends and I decided to donate to rainforest charities. Then after we got enough money we donated to two different rainforest charities and donated $131 in all. When my friends didn’t want to raise money anymore I decided to not focus on donating but actually take action so I got about 5 friends and did a trash tally around my school and local park. Then I started telling and informing people about the environment, I even made a video about the rainforest. Then I worked in my grandma’s yard and her neighbor’s yard to plant, harvest, and water plants. After that I went back to donating to: children in need, rainforests, global warming, animals, and donated a total of $246.

I really enjoy helping my environment and it means a lot to me when I know I helped either another child or save a acre of rainforest. I hope I will do while I get older. I would really like to make the environment part of my career one day, and I can say I wanted to do that by reading a story in my textbook.

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