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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Kanis Park, Arkansas, USA

Kanis Park, Arkansas, USA
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Registered: February 2007
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The group partnering with the Nicodemus Wilderness Project was the freshman class of Lutheran High School.

The following dedicated Nicodemus Wilderness Project volunteers conducted this cleanup project in March 2006: Keenan, Kelsey, Audrey, TuLan, Katherine, Gray, Bernadette, Lauren, Brian, Rachel, Kelley, Kimberly, Marc-Andre, Beth, Brandon, Taylor, Lee, Matthew, Sarah, Melissa, Elizabeth, Allison, Brendan, and Mary Kathryn Stein (Principal).


"In the community, service is very important. Trash, graffiti, and other items can build up in an area like a park or community. Our job as citizens of our city or country is to keep it beautiful for generations to come. That is why we do service.

In our service project, we cleaned up all the trash we could find and put them in trash bags. Each person had to fill two bags of trash each. We found some pretty interesting items including a dinosaur pillow, a Christmas tree stand and a floorboard of a car.

The community will benefit from our service project because we have provided a clean, safe environment for kids to play at. Boyle Park can hopefully now stay clean, so people can play at it and animals can thrive in it forever.

Through this project I have learned that helping your community can benefit you and other people in a positive way. I also learned that if you help your community in a group, then it can get done faster and more effectively and be more fun as well.

So in conclusion, I have learned a lot and had a ton of fun doing this project. This has inspired me to do projects like this now and forever in my community and to teach my future kids to do the same"


"Our school is always looking for ways to help and give back to the community of Little Rock. Today, the freshman class went to Boyle Park. We wanted to clean it up, so that everyone in the city would have a nice public park to go to. We also wanted to help the wildlife and plants, whose homes were being taken over by garbage.

When our class arrived at the park, we were each given rubber gloves and a trash bag. Everyone, including the teachers, picked up a bag full of litter. Our goal was for everyone to pick up at least one bag of garbage. We definitely met this goal.

By picking up this trash, Boyle Park will be much more enjoyable to the people. They will have cleaner habitats. This project really did help us give back to the community.

Through this project I learned how important it was to keep our parks clean. Littering not only affects the people but also the environment. I also noticed how if one person litters, everyone else seems to think it is okay.

Overall, I think this project helped everyone realize how important our environment is. By picking up trash, we helped protect the environment from the damage the litter would have done. Arkansas is the natural state, so we should take pride in our "natural" areas."
Date: March 4, 2007 Views: 10367 File size: 55.7kb, 380.8kb : 1500 x 1125
Hours Volunteered: 120
Volunteers: 24
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 16 to 35
Area Restored for Native Wildlife (hectares): 6
Trash Removed/Recycled from Environment (kg): 140
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