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NWP Global Registry of Apprentice Ecologists - Elk Grove, California, USA

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Elk Grove, California, USA
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Registered: February 2011
City/Town/Province: Elk Grove
Posts: 1
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On a warm, windy day, my parents forced me to clean up the trash that spilled from the garbage bin. At first, I resented a lot because I thought the wind would just blow the trash away and hence clean up the mess by itself but eventually, I gave in and decided to clean up the mess as my parents threatened to take away my video games and television time. The process of cleaning up took only one hour but because I was uninterested in cleaning up, it seemed forever. As I was cleaning up the trash, the wind knocked down the garbage bin again and this time, it blew the trash all through my front yard. Again I had to clean up the mess again, but this time when I was done cleaning; I took a look back at the yard and noticed it was perfectly clean. Here, I realized that cleaning up is actually a really good thing to do eventually, got motivated to do something special for my community. So, that very night I looked up on the internet to try to find events or programs that I can volunteer for to keep my community clean. That’s how I discovered the Nicodemus Wilderness Project and decided to become an Apprentice Ecologist.
My first job in becoming an Apprentice Ecologist was to find out what I would do. At first I thought of making posters around parks saying that recycling is beneficial for our community and the Earth itself but then, I thought of doing something else. Instead of wasting paper I decided to recycle and clean up trash from my neighborhood parks and creeks. So the next morning I asked my dad and my little brother if they wanted to help me and they agreed. That very day, my dad, brother, and I got our gloves, a black garbage bag and got to work.
At first we started to work around this one creek near my house. It all sorts of trash ranging from soda cans, to paper, wrappers, and glass bottles. In fact it was so full of trash, the water and become a slimy green. The total process of cleaning up took us around three weeks; however, it could have been faster if we worked for more hours. After three weeks and when the creek looked better than before, I decided to recycle and clean up trash from my neighborhood’s two parks. This time, instead of going on the weekends, I decided to help out and clean out the park whenever I had free time or whenever I went to the park for fun. Every day the parks had some trash on the grounds and everyday my dad, brother and I picked would pick them up. By the second consecutive day of cleaning up, people, who I didn’t even know, were thanking me and my family for cleaning up the parks and helping enriching our community. I felt very excited and accomplished because people were actually congratulating me for helping my community. I eventually got addicted to cleaning up the parks that it became my daily routine whenever I went to the park.
My project, overall, has benefited the environment and my community in many ways. By picking up and recycling some of the trash, I have made my community and environment look more beautiful and astonishing. The trash that was causing hindrances for plant growth are removed. This allows the plants to grow much more efficient and effectively. The creek near my house has most of its trash removed and thus preventing little animals such as birds becoming hurt or poisoned by the trash. My project, probably in an indirect way, has inspired others to also do something that is beneficial to the community and environment.
By doing this project I feel that I have accomplished a lot in such a little amount of time. I was able to make both my community and the environment I live in more cleaner and beautiful for others to enjoy. I feel that this project has also taught me to be much more responsible when it comes to preserving and looking after the planet. It has taught me to be less self-concentrated and be more thinking of the planet and its future as well. This project has inspired me to do more for my community. It has also inspired me to keep on trying and never give up when it comes to cleaning up and making our planet a better place.
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Hours Volunteered: 130
Volunteers: 3
Authors Age & Age Range of Volunteers: 14 & 10 to 53
Native Trees Planted: 5
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